Fifteen years in print journalism, designing pages, laying out the stories and photographs that would be tomorrow’s front page: That’s a high-pressure skill not easily found today. Another two decades of building sites on the web as it transformed into today’s sales juggernaut and opinion-making universe make me the right choice for your site.

Concentrate on the bottom line of your business. Save your energy for the good fight. Craft your blog. You don’t need to spend your time dealing with frustrating web site updates.

Modern, low-cost web sites

Of course any agency will gladly give you a “web presence” complete with design, hosting the on their sub-leased servers, using their expensive designers, programming wheels that have already been built. And they will gladly charge you $25,000 – $50,000.

That’s a lot of dough you could be putting into your pizza truck or bagel shop. You get your money’s worth, but you’ve bought a sports car when maybe you just need a pickup. We save weeks of time and thousands of dollars using premium themes with search-engine optimization and mobile-readiness baked in.

Security, backup and maintenance

Fast-paced technology updates helps keep you site –  and your data – secure. The same fast pace advances are used by those trying to break through that security.  Your site needs security to keep hackers from defacing it, using it as a weapon in attacking other sites, and stealing your users’ personal data.

Backups insure any major catastrophe doesn’t destroy your site and all the hard work you’ve put into it. Easy editing means things can be accidentally deleted or moved. Douglas Park can offer you a special package that keeps you updated, protected and ready for whatever hits.

Professional photography

You’ve seen the obviously fake pictures from stock photography companies. You’re own site needs pictures related to your own work. You want professional images, not just good shots from a mobile phone. You want a photographer who knows how to touch up slight imperfections, how to make the sky bluer, your peppers redder, your skin clearer.

We all have “friends who like to take pictures.” And while Douglas Park doesn’t specialize in photography, I have the resources to get images that will make your site pop, from professional artists to university-schooled photographers.

Editorial help

Your text needs to be direct, concise, free of cliche, and sizzling. It’s often the hardest kind of content to get right. Writing and editing can be one of the hardest parts of having a good web site, but it might not be your specialty. You know what you want to say, but putting it into crisp prose is hard. I can provide writers and editors that will make your text sing.