Let's cut the bull

Chris Estes

Chris Estes

You want a website without the horror stories: Consultant-driven sites that are costly, hard-to-use, and downright ugly, with too little return on your investment. Maybe you’ve lived through some of the terror, spending hours trying to figure out how to load a picture, change your prices, or delete that ugly little “precious feature” the developer insisted was necessary.

You don’t need a sports car built to handle 100,000 people a day hitting your site. Not yet. You can’t afford it. I build pickup trucks. I help your customers find you, buy from you, hire you, listen to your message, or take action for your cause.

I have built sports cars for high-end companies. I’ve worked in the dot-com nightmare and watched the ship sinking. I have been inside the multi-national PR agency that calculated just how much blood could be sucked out of your neck, and walked away with my soul intact. And I’ve been in the non-profit, struggling to keep the fangs off our throat. I know how you feel.

Your site will be easy to edit, changing pictures won’t be hard, and adding new content will be a breeze. That’s because I work with tools designed to do these things well. And if you choose, I’ll help you maintain the security of your site. That’s what “Professional websites you control” means.

Tell me your story

ugly mug

Some of us just can’t judge.

First off, don’t be afraid I’ll judge. You might not have a fancy business with lots of employees. You probably work on your own, or Mom and Pop style. You might be making a career change or just getting started. You might just be a hobbyist. We’ve ALL been there.

We’ve all struggled and hoped we weren’t making a mistake. Those of us left standing should help those just getting up. That’s why I do this.

So show me what you have. Tell me about that competitor who makes you green with envy. Let me hear the sound of your endeavor, and I’ll give you a voice on the web. Together we can find a design that is professional, works on mobile and desktops, and that you can manage without having to get a degree in computer science.

My story

I’ve been through the wars and have the gray hair to prove it. I joined the Army when I was a kid, left the service for work in newspapers, then transitioned to the web just as it came along.

After two decades of working through various technologies, I changed course to work for myself. I decided to become the same kind of business — a small shop working to satisfy a few customers — that you did. I sit a few feet away from the stove. I don’t have to charge enough to pay for a posh conference room and huge presentation monitors.

I’m not interested in being the next big thing. I don’t care about the next big thing. I care about you, about the struggle you face in getting your business going, about the pennies you count, and about the success we can have together.